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Rum kicked my ass

November 9th, 2005 (09:18 pm)

current mood: tired

Has been so long.

Um...okay, so this past weekend was fun. Sara came up Friday for the night. We went and played bball where she made my eye bleed, just joshing! We went down to church street, had some food at HENRYS, and went shopping. We got the same pants and matching bracelets. Yeah, we're cool like that. Came back here, and went and played beruit which was a good time. We headed to the midnight breakfast and they ran out of food so we came back here and got some pizza delivered and ended up going to bed right after. AJ slept with me...in my bed you sickos...Saturday, I went to Church Street again with the crew and got hammered. Then I got lost so I had to call Sam to come get me. It sucked. I felt like such an ass. So, anywho.

Last night was my birthday. and it was AMAZING. Mandi got me rum and I ended up drinking half a fifth of it, by myself. 8 shots plus it mixed with lemonade, and I used that as my chaser. I was so drunk. No idea what happened. Woke up this morning with the worst hangover. No puking though, good for me! IDK, it was weird being here on my bday. It didn't feel like my day. It was like, oh whoa I'm 19 today.

I have a huge crush on Sam but he's weird..like, he talks to me and is wicked nice and then he won't talk to me for like a day. I don't know. I just want a boyfriend. Someone to go to parties with me, and stay after. Cuddle, I love to do that. I can't wait for this semester to be over.

Eric told me he likes Jenni G. I was actually upset. Like, what?!?! WHY!?! I honestly don't like him anymore and I was just bothered. He can do so much better and I think he was upset that I wasn't like, supportive. Ah...boys are dumb. I hate them. No I don't.
I'm a kidder not a liar.

Should be studying..

October 30th, 2005 (05:26 pm)

current mood: drained

History midterm tomorrow, should be studying, but so not in the mood.

This week was good, well getting better. I got a 73 on my math test, which is better than the last test grade I had (42). I have a B in English, which I am totally stoked on. History, not so hot, and Italian is going...just going. I'm slowly getting bored with all of my classes and I cannot wait for them to be done. We're almost done the semester, can you believe it? I can't...

Cait went home this weekend, so I was here by myself. Shawn actually came up on Friday. We got some dinner at Zachary's, pregamed (not a good one, lemme tell you), and got ready for a Halloween party. He went as an A&E model and I went as a cowgirl. My good butt jeans, cowboy boots, straw hat, and a flannal shirt tied up, yeah...pretty hot. We met up with Daniel, went to the party, had 3 beers (I think) and it got crowded fast. So, we decided to jet. Jake and Eric came with us and we hung out in Eric's room for a bit until Sam called. Had a bit more beer. Sam and I grabbed his beruit table and brought it up here into my room and it was fucking awesome. Sam and I played one game, and lost because we were drunk. Game over. Went to Audrey's room and had a beer. Got in the pajamas and passed out.

Saturday, woke up at 10 and did some homework while Shawn slept til 12. Then we went out to lunch and this wicked sweet diner downtown. So good! I think I might take Sara there for breakfast on Saturday. Chilled out, did some homework. Then called up Dan later that night. Got stoned, walked back here by myself really fast. Never walked that fast in my life. Went to Jake's room and watched Team America. Now that movie is fucking hilarious! Went back into my room at like 130 and passed out semi early. Woke up today at 11 and have been doing fucking history shit all day. I took a run though for like almost an hour. It was so nice out.

I smoked cigarettes this weekend...bad, yet kind of refreshing.

(no subject)

October 24th, 2005 (02:46 pm)

current mood: mellow

Today is Jacque's birthday. 18. I called her last night to tell her I wasn't going to go down to see her this weekend because I have a midterm on Monday and she didn't seem to care. WTF?!? Whatever...

A little tired today. I have the busiest day. I had class at 8, didn't go to Italian (oops) because I had other work to do, went to History and English that got out at 2:15. Now I should be doing homework, which I will after this, and then a lecture about a mental patient at 4:30, followed by more homework, then to the gym to run at 730, then library at 815 to study with ALEX for math, test on wed..back here for homework, shower, LAGUNA! AH LAGUNA ROCKS MY SOCKS! Anyways...

This weekend was jammin. Friday night, went out with Anne to the neighbors. Drank. Then her, Jake, RYAN (from Champlain, who may I say is a total cutie), and I took the off campus bus (..yeah...) to Redstone where there was nothing going on, so we rode it all the way back to Trinity, Mercy to be exact, ordered pizza at 2, drank beer and passed out. Saturday, Mom came and got me to go home for COREYS PARTY! Yow that was fun. I got really drunk, and with my family there. Oh yeah Sara, by the way I had 6 thank you very much. Passed out at 11:30. But, COREY did invite me out when I'm 20 (so, sophomore year) for spring break out to San Diego, where he will then take me to MEXICO! Yes...awesome!

So, I'm chillin here at UVM this wknd which I am totally stoked for because I love it here. Won't be home til Thanksgiving, thank god. That's mean, I shouldn't have wrote that, but I just want to be here. Alright, adios.

Yes I'm On My Way

October 19th, 2005 (10:22 pm)

current mood: and tired...mucho tired

So, I'm not waiting a week to write in this thing.

Right now, I am talking to Daniel, planning tomorrow night. You see, Dan, Maegan and I do weekly dinners downtown, just the three of us and it's really nice. So, Friday is Maegan's birthday (big 18) and we're planning a surprise. She gets to pick the restaurant this time, that's not the surprise. So, she calls one of us when she gets done practice at like 530ish, we phone tag the other one. I get the flowers and balloons (THATS THE SURPRISE!) and run down street to find a place to chill out and Dan will get Megs and they will make their way down and then when they get to me, SURPRISE! So, it should be good. I'm excited just thinking about it. YAY!

New lingo for this Vermonter, loving it though.


kickin it...out!

Why am I so sleepy?

October 18th, 2005 (02:33 pm)

current mood: sleepy

Again, no idea when the last time I did this was.

I'm just chillin here in my room, by myself, taking a break from math. It's finally done! I actually get this chapter and I am totally stoked about that. College math is hard lemme tell you.

Um, I went home for the long weekend, the Columbus day long weekend, celebrated four days later. I went home Thursday afternoon with Christina and Daniel in tow. It was quite the car ride. My dad loves Dan. He looked like a hobo though, with his old sweater, old shoes (I swear I'm going to buy him a new pair), shamy (sp?) shirt and sweatpants. But it's cute. Thursday night, Sara and I went to the Hartford girls soccer game back at the high school, and it was crazy weird being back there. I got the look of death from TRASHCAN (like she would set me on fire) so I stayed away. She could pummel me, I'm sure of it. So Friday comes along, gotta get up early for my hair appt. Got another perm yes I did and it's cute. Anywho, then went home and chilled for like a couple of hours then went back down to WRJ to get Sarann from school and go shopping for our Dad because IT IS HIS BIRTHDAY ON THURSDAY! 46...
Saturday, Rayna's 2nd birthday party. Saw Corey and going BACK home this Saturday when mom is done errands for his PARTAY! Sunday was mellow day, had a van full of old classmates making our way back to Groovy UV.

I'm doing better at getting my work done ahead of time. Except, I did no reading whatsoever this weekend and it's due tomorrow so I'm screwed and hopefully I won't fall asleep when I start to read any of it this afternoon. OMG, I was so tired last night at like 930, been doing my homework for like an hour and I forced myself to stay awake for 'GUNA. Jake and Annie C came over to mine and Cait's room to watch it with us. Good ole Monday night party in 311. Then we watched a Guster video and I got really excited and didn't fall asleep til 1. Okay, I know I'm in college, but I still need my rest! So, us four, or maybe just three (depending on if Caitlin goes to Boston or not) are going out drinking and I'm stoked. I need it. Sleepy now, but still lots more work to do.

Lil crush on Karl aka Frederico.

Where has the semester gone?

October 12th, 2005 (06:27 pm)

I was sitting in my room today, talking to Cait, when I realized that the semester is exactly half way over today. Seven and a half more weeks. Where has the time gone?

In math today, everyone who got there on time got 5 bonus points, just for being there by 8. Totally sweetness.
Italian was interesting, yet it always is. Apparently, italians use the word "penis" as our "hell". "What the penis are you doing?"
History, sleep fest. American Lit, no idea what was going on. TAP, sleep fest. Finally done for the day at 530 pm, well now its 630, but you get it. I was going to go run and be a good girl and get some exercise, but I got distracted with cleaning and talking so now it's dark and I don't want to go to the gym. I hate the gym. I'll just wait for tomorrow, maybe.

Honestly, I have gained like 5 pounds since being here. I know it's not that much, but it is to me. I drew on my pumpkin and put a ribbon on it's stem. So freaking cute and it's sitting on my window sill, type thing.

Get to go home tomorrow for my fall break. So stoked. Get to leave at 1230. Then to the girls soccer game at 6 with Sarann. I wanted to smoke my ten bucks with Daniel, but noooo, he's going to Rhode Island.

I swear I'm not a hippy.

UVM loves OAR

October 11th, 2005 (06:11 pm)



I'm not quite sure how I got here.
A minute passed and I'm on my feet.
I never knew life could taste so good.
I need a little minute, just a moment to breathe.
No matter where I go, no matter who I see
Well I'm reminded of my earlier days.
No matter where I roll, no matter what I know
Well I'm reminded of my earlier ways.
But now I keep asking myself.

Wouldn't it be the best damn day if we all took time to breathe?
Just one stolen paragraph in the book's written history.
Don't you sometimes wonder while people are afraid to smile?
Don't look down we're gonna come around and it always come to back, crack of time eventually.
Just ascend with me.

I'm not quite sure when I woke up.
The night flew by as I lay asleep.
Who ever knew life could feel so good?
I need another minute.
Just a moment to breathe.
No matter where I go, no matter who I see
Well I'm reminded of my earlier days.
No matter where I roll, no matter what I know
Well I'm reminded of my earlier ways.
But now I keep asking myself.

Wouldn't it be the best damn day if we all took time to breathe?
Just one stolen paragraph in the book's written history.
Don't you sometimes wonder while people are afraid to smile?
Don't look down we're gonna come around and it always come to back, crack of time eventually.

Wouldn't it be the best damn day?
Wouldn't it be a wonderful day?
Wouldn't it be a glorious day?
If we all took time to smile, made just a minute for you and me.
Wouldn't it be the best damn day?

Playing catch..

October 10th, 2005 (10:45 pm)

Okay, it's been a while.

I dont even remember the last time I wrote here, so I'll just blab.

I had the flu last week and lost my voice partially on Friday when my mom picked me up early from school to go shopping a little. Yeah, we went to the xmas tree shop and my mom bought be a wicked sweet hat with a ball on the top of it and strings/earmuffy type things. So I was wearing that with the ear flaps up all night and relatives came over for Sarann's bday party. She almost peed her pants when she read the book I got her. It was quite hilarious. Saturday, mom, Sara and I went and did errands and then went to TQC to look at the new health club and visit Ri-dawg. The new work place is so small and scary and I hate it so much. THERE ARE NO WINDOWS!! Saturday night, Sara went out with her amicis and I chilled at home until she got back and we watched 36 mins of Amityville Horror and we shut it off, well Sarann did once she got pried from my lap..jk. Sunday was chill day then back up to school.

Today was good. My English teacher apologized for embarrassing me in class on Wed and WE HAVE A LONG WEEKEND. Get to go home at 1230 on Thursday and then a fun filled weekend at home with the cool family.

So nice out!

September 27th, 2005 (02:45 pm)

IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL OUT! Yesterday was freezing, with rain and crazy wind that seriously was tilting me over. I watched 'guna last night and it was good as always. Fucking love that show. Fell asleep at 11 because I was soooo tired. Woke up at 715 for one class which got done at 915. So I've been sitting here in my room just chillin out and trying to read but I have a short attention span with the Puritans. Silly Puritans.

So Caitlin's boyfriend is here, Scott, and he's hanging out with me while she's in class. He's playing with my magnetic poetry and we're watching 101 Shocking Celebrity moments on E.

BRUCE IS COMING FRIDAY!! I am sooo excited! He's coming up on Friday, going out to dinner, maybe hit up a party or two, then come back here and he's sleeping over and then we're hanging out all day Saturday. He's so cute and I can't wait. I had a crush on him this summer at work. I think every girl had a crush on him at work. Ahh...Bruce...buddy.


September 26th, 2005 (04:39 pm)

So this is my first time...

I woke up at 7 for school today. Went to math (ew), italian (yay!), had my first history exam (yikes!) and then english (which was good today). Now I'm here, in my dorm room, just chillin and watchin Yes Dear. Okay, so I had a good wknd.

Friday: stayed home (well here) and AJ came! So stoked that he came and visited me! Stayed up until 4:30, that was a bitch.
Saturday: woke up at 12ish, went down to Church St. with Cait to get Sarann a birthday present, which may I say I did a good job at. Came home, showered, got ready to go out to my first party..yes at the SOCCAH HOUSE! It was crazy fun and got totally hammered. Ah, good times. Oh yeah, and I made my first drunken phone calls. Those are always interesting...stayed up til 4:30 again.
Sunday: woke up at 10:30 and went shopping with the parentals. Came back and did 5 (count 'em, 5!) hours of homework.


Peter Griffin: Brian, there's a message in my Alpha Bits. It says 'OOO'!
Brian Griffin: Peter, those are Cheerios. -Family Guy

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